I am writing to wish you the very best this Christmas season, and to thank you for my Christmas food hamper. You do not get to see the results of your actions, but I want you to know it is a major difference in my life. The oranges bring me back to my childhood and the days of treats at Christmas. Living on 330 a month I seldom have treats. The big surprise for me was the turkey, as I can seldom afford such a luxury this really is greatly appreciated. Add to it the Milk and bread which helps us daily. In addition, you also gave me carrots, onions, stuffing, and cranberries!  Your generosity has brought tears to my eyes. I really want to thank the people who delivered it also as the was very kind of them. Each item taken from the box was accompanied by a squeak of delight. Once again I want you to know I am very thankful and grateful for the food you have shared with me. 


– Hamper Recipient of the Caring and Sharing Exchange

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